7 easy tips to make your Instagram photos even more cooler

Social media has become one of the essential parts of a human being’s life. More than one-third of the world population does use one social media platform or other–be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and what not. According to a recent analysis it has been predicted that by 2019, the population of social media users is expected to touch 2.77 billion in comparison to 2.47 billion in present time.

Among all the social media platforms available, Instagram is a platform which has lately seen a steep rise in the number of users. It has around 700 million monthly users and is actively being used by people across the globe to showcase their lifestyle, raise awareness and or express their opinions.

While photographers are using sophisticated editing tools to make their photos stand out, the one not so familiar with them is generally left out.

So if you are also a newbie in the world of photography, here are a few tips to help you out.

1. Instead of using Instagram, use external applications to click images

Although we don’t think the Instagram application camera is bad for clicking images, it does lack some basic support features to capture perfect images. For example, it doesn’t include the grid layout and hence the alignment of the image you capture may or may not be good. Therefore try downloading external applications such as the VSCO Cam which have inbuilt functionality– allowing users to adjust the external factors such as the light, white balance, alignment etc.

2. Take multiple pictures

If you are a novice, it is highly unlikely that you would get a perfect shot in a single click. Therefore it is a good idea to click numerous shots of a single image and later decide and upload the one which you feel is the best. You can also read here at RotorCopters and learn some basic photography tips and tricks.

3. Edit the images if you wish to achieve perfection

You may not feel the need to edit your image probably because you believe in keeping it natural. However, if you want your images to truly stand out then you do require some amount of editing in the same. We aren’t talking about high-end editing which may completely transform your look or change the tone of the image; we are talking about something a bit more subtle. For example, you can edit the blemishes which are sometimes present in the image or the glare which appears on your eye.

4. Try clicking images horizontally

Now, this is something which will enable you to better capture images as well as edit it easily afterward. A picture clicked horizontally gives you a greater area to perform actions such as cropping, retouching etc. You can decide on the elements you wish to keep and the ones to eliminate. If you capture an image vertically you are most likely to get a square image which if cropped, looks out of proportion.

5. You can use the Instagram filters or can take third party applications

While Instagram comes with around 15 inbuilt filters you can always customize the setting of these filters. You can bring down the brightness of the ‘Moon filter’ or can work with the contrast of ‘X-Pro mode’. You can choose any filter you like but do keep in mind the theme of the photo you are about to post. If you are not satisfied with the inbuilt filters do go for some external photo editing applications which are basic to use as well as contain more options to make your image look better online.

6. Try to learn from Instagram communities

One of the best ways to up your photo clicking as well as editing game is to learn the art from the experts in the field. You can always follow pages which teach effective tips and tricks for efficient photography. You can see the manner in which other people are clicking their images and find out what makes their photo special.

7. Use your hashtags efficiently

One of the major factors which makes Instagram popular is the ‘hashtag’ feature which is used with every image. So if you are surprised not to see the required response or likes on a photo, it might be possible that the image isn’t able to reach the target audience. Don’t spam any image with unnecessary tags, rather use tags which aim towards a section or community of audience.

So, these were the tips and tricks which can help you out with making your Instagram image look better. If you do know about any other tips do let us know in the comment section below.

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