Kulör Cases – leather phone cases uniquely personalised with love

These beautifully crafted luxury leather iPhone cases are the brainchild of Victor Wan, who works alongside Swedish designer Ingrid Andersson. Based in Sweden and in Hong Kong, Kulör Cases represents the luxury segment of the phone accessories market when it comes to personalised cases. Just like all other classic designs with leather as a base material, Victor and Ingrid conceptualised the phone cases with a unique twist from the regular one tone leather casing.

Not only does the leather casing comes with duo-tone colours from two different pieces of cowhide, the exterior is also free of the commercial logos and branding which most consumers have a disdain for. Moreover, the phone cases also come with a unique personalisation in form of the client’s choice of name stamped on the bottom segment of the case.

Just think Chanel, Gucci or Louis Vuitton. Just like other prominent luxury goods brands, Kulör phone cases are handcrafted in every aspect, making sure that each part of the casing is done properly without attempting any shortcuts.

Kulör means colour in Swedish, in case you hadn’t realized. The owners only want the best for their customers, not only just providing a colourful, highly complex, leather phone case, they also offer a 30 days return policy. This means that all their customers can shop without worrying about product suitability.

Shop now at https://kulorcases.com

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