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So, I’ve recently (or rather just two days ago) shared about and was invited once again to share about, and boy did that make me hungry. Sab and food are like rivals and best friends. Our rivalry started with my weight gain, but our friendship lasted through time. This love hate relationship was bind by fate and possibly stronger than any marriage – thy cannot live without the other #truestory.

Okay, enough rumbling of nonsense but the truth is, really made me saliva. Given that the site started somewhere in mid 2015, I couldn’t really run through that many articles, so I basically randomly picked some from different dates. It must be fate, I clicked on June 2015 and on the first page I saw Muthu’s Curry! That bought back tons of memories.

Back in the days, when I still did print, I actually covered Muthu’s in one of my food columns, that was probably in 2009/10. The article on however was in June 2015, 5-6 years later. I don’t really remember my “review” then, but looking at the photos on, I felt like I should pay the place another visit in the coming days.

Now in late 2016, another writer wrote about Builders and once again… I jumped. Why? Coffee Cone Latte.

Here’s a secret, Sab doesn’t really like ice-cream. She likes yogurt and she loves coffee. When you put coffee in a cone and you draw some latte art, wala, you have Sab’s attention. (Don’t mind me, sometimes I like to refer to myself as a 3rd party, if you get to know me better, it becomes a norm.)

I really liked this article a lot more, and I’m not being bias because of the coffee. I personally felt there was more character to it, images were more personalised and the short video clip just made me even more hungry than when I first started writing this blog post. So great job Averlynn, you nailed it!

*Scroll, scroll, scroll* Ohhhh Makis!

I love Japanese food! Half the time during my long stay (we’re talking about months, not just weeks) in Manila, going to little Tokyo was like THE highlight. I cannot imagine not having sushi for the rest of my life.

So, if you wanna know where to get makis, check out “10 Makis Rolls To Add To Your List Of Must-Tries Because Sushi Is Life“.

I want to go on, but…

So I’m wakin’ up an turning in my score
And I just can’t make it anymore
No, I just won’t take it anymore

… guess the song title? Haha. But yeah, my tummy is telling me I should stop, cause the next you know, my trainer is gonna make me do more squats.

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