Zula.sg – Connecting Gen Y Singaporean Women

It’s all about #girlpower these days, and I’m personally loving it, not just the additional attention but also the fact, the recognition of our gender. But it’s not so much about the vanity here, instead, it’s the difference in needs. Ultimately, men and women are different, you and I are different.

When I first hopped on Zula.sg I wasn’t impressed. The layout was pretty much like a blog, I wouldn’t have thought twice to classify it otherwise. I’m getting old, small fonts takes a little effort to read. I did however like the logo very much. I can’t say for sure why, but at a glance, it reminded me of castles, and I just love castles. It’s really not about the layout/design, the saying goes, content is king. That was the highlight.

You know how you read something and you feel, I can totally relate? This is exactly what drew me to Zula.sg, I could (somewhat) relate. It defines the “uniquely Singapore” experience, for the layman. It brings back memories of my once upon a time. From local ghost stories, to warehouse sales around the block, to… picking the brains of young Singaporean women.

In absolute honesty, it’s not exactly the kind of site I’d find myself constantly going back to. The content is brilliant and adds that local flavour that seize to exist in most sites I read… unfortunately, the content is very tilted towards the younger women, which appeals less to me personally. One piece I liked a lot was the one on the ladybosses, they featured a couple of people I knew and loved. See what I meant by relating… I could use someone reading my mind once in a while.

It makes me wonder… exactly which generation am I? Accordingly to many “sources”, the Generation Y, Echo Boomers or Millenniums are born between the 1977 to 1994, which I technically fall within. But I find myself feeling nostalgic rather than going “tots”, which might also be the point.

The site is pretty new, so there’s much to expect from it in the coming days given the good mix of the team and the strong code of ethics. Maybe in time to come, I’d be able to better relate and age more with it. And hopefully, just hopefully my nice little SAUCEink and/or PRINCESSA would be on Zula.sg watch list.

Let’s collaborate! You never know, right?

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