3 reality-check reasons why we should use a yoga strap

We have all seen those amazing poses and stances from the new gen yoga experts such as Tara Stiles and Kevin Courtney, and probably, at some point in life, tried to replicate their poses, and certainly was not able to do it accurately. Although we are not as in control of our body forms as the experts, however, with the right tool, specifically, a resilient yoga strap, we can actually follow the advanced poses with more ease. Here are a couple of reasons why we should include a yoga strap into our current yoga routines:

1. Body stretchability

We are told to go beyond the limits of what we are capable of in order to grow. However, we would generally prefer to reduce the risk of hurting ourselves while expanding our limits. Let’s say we are doing a basic hamstring stretch to warm ourselves up for the poses, and we really want to reach our toes but could not.

A safer way to increase our stretchability is to use the yoga strap as a means to to edgeΒ our torsos forward a little more than normal. Using a yoga strap means you can control the amount of pressure building up on your hamstrings and back muscles, compared to if you asked someone to press your back down and if that person accidentally used too much force. That is reality check number 1!

2. Blind Manoeuvres

There are some poses that requires us to manipulate our limbs into angles that are in our blind spots. Sometimes we might be able to solve the problem with a mirror, however, in situations where we have to maintain our heads in a certain position, it might get awkward (and dangerous) to attempt to look into a mirror while sustaining our yoga pose.

This is where the yoga strap comes into play. Holding one end of the yoga strap, usually to the less flexible limb such as the foot, your arms can easily grab the other end, tugging your limbs up into position without the struggle of the blind attempts to grab your foot from the back. Save yourself from awkward situations and use a yoga strap instead, and that is reality check number 2!

3. Dangerously Beautiful Poses

This is where we start getting into accidents. The allure of those charming yoga poses will transform our logical mind into that of a frolicking sheep. Let’s not end up as the sheep that rolls down the mountain because of an failed attempt at a convoluted posture. Bringing a yoga strap into the picture greatly reduces the risk of a failure depending on the pose being replicated.

For example, if you are stretching your leg upwards 90 degree and holding it there for a couple of minutes, instead of trying to clumsily grasp at your foot with your hands, why not comfortably tie your yoga strap to your foot, and tug at the other end with your hands instead? It makes attempting those advanced poses much more safer and fun! That is reality check number 3!

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