Sab is a Tamagotchi

This was a dumb conversation, but a funny one (probably funnier in my head).

Sab, “I’m a Tamagotchi *hungry hungry* my butler now working adult, he doesn’t feel me, sad.”

Friend, “Why you so mean, how can you call your hubby a butler!”

In Sab’s head, “You say that cause 1. your hubby probably not handsome enough to be a butler so you’re taking this with negative context, watch more anime, you’ll get it. 2. your hubby probably wouldn’t do it for your. 3. you’re probably jealous.”

“My hubby is actually very proud about being the pretty one of us two. I think he likes the idea that he gets to feed me and without him I’ll die of starvation cause this is something he can use against me if he doesn’t get his way. Food is life source. He basically owns my life source. Tsk and I’m the negative one here. Hurhur.”

Sab, “Sob sob, don’t bully me, I’m gonna starve soon. Sad Sab.”

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