Call for Developers + SAUCEpoints Update

I’ve been contemplating whether to blog my updates or just do up a changelog, but decided, might as well just blog it since I’m basically just indulging in 100 percent SAUCEink development these days.

Anyway, I need a group of “developers” to help me try out this new “developer’s corner” I’m doing up for SAUCEink platform. It’s a bit like FB Developers + Codecanyon environment, but different. Instead of selling the plugin, you’re selling the rights to use it on SAUCEsite. It’s voluntary basis, but you get to sell your “plugins” with no commission fees (set at 20 percent + transaction fees) upon launch for 6 months.

Also, SAUCEsite features have expanded a little. We’ve implemented SAUCEapp, which allows users to DIY their own mobile apps, it’s in alpha phase, only available to VIP status users at this point.

Fyi, it’s not a build from scratch, I did modify it from an existing open source project. My theory is, get it up fast, launch it, if it works and I need the supposed IP rights so to speak, then rebuild it. It’d just data management, doable. If it doesn’t work, scrap it, move on. Speed vs. 100 percent rights, I still go for speed. Think about it, why spend six month so a year to get something up, that’s not even entirely original or ground breaking to begin with, not to mention you don’t even know if it’d fly with the people, when you can cut that whole time-frame to say… a couple of weeks, release beta, see if traction for it picks up, if it’s popular enough, rebuild, update with the full rights, officially launch the perfect version. Makes sense? Just my two cents worth.

For the quick update, if you login SAUCEink these days, when you gain points, you’ll get the notification on the top right-hand corner. All SAUCEsite users can open their content or products to accept SAUCEpoints as currency for purchases. All points are recorded in your profile. All content/interaction gains points.

Work, work, zug, zug.

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