Looking For a Digital Shopping Assistant!

Shopping can such a chore sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I love browsing through endless lists of designer bags, shoes, clothes, jewels, and gadgets too! However, sometimes I can forget where’s the link to that cute or sassy design I was browsing earlier, and it can be pretty frustrating to me. It came to a point that enough’s enough and I decided to put on my geek goggles and search for a solution.

First of all I wanted the solution to be newbie friendly, no point using something that’s too complex for shopping assistance! Secondly, I would like a function that allows me to save links to my favourite designs easily, preferably on the browser window itself. Last but not least, I would like the user interface to be a little cute! Got to have some personality in things I adapt into my lifestyle yes!

I searched forums and social media, and I found a little tool called “Clipix”.

According to the reviews, it allows you to save and organize everything you see online and offline onto one central place. They call the saved links: “Clips”. Sounds pretty cute so far, one thumb up!ShoppingClipix

Another feature that stood out to me was the price drop alert functionality. Apparently if you set a certain price you are willing to pay for the item, and sometime later there is a price drop, Clipix will notify me of that. That’s pretty neat!


Well, this tool seems pretty much like the answer to my problem, let me go and test it out before I say anything more about it!

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