Nerium: Yup or Nay

I believe this product went pretty viral a year or two back and since I’m interested in skincare these days, why not do a little research on this?

What I discovered, was that I have brought myself into a whole new world called “The Nerium Debate”. Not only just the average internet users are discussing it rampantly, even the certified doctors are trying to establish their own theories on the product’s effectiveness.

The main discussion point seems to revolve around the single ingredient that gave birth to this skincare product called Nerium Oleander. One side claims that this plant has high levels of toxicity, and the other side claims that it’s totally harmless. So is this Nerium actually a harmless, anti-aging skincare product, or a toxic that should be avoided?

After a little more research on the origins of the ingredient, I discovered that even though the plant may induce slight poisoning when swallowed, topical application is perfectly harmless.

Furthermore, the company behind Nerium seems pretty established, being in the skincare industry for quite an amount of years. They even establish a scientific advisory board just to educate people about its product backed by years of research. Seems pretty legit to me.
attachment3.pngHi! I’m Hayley Paige and the moment I chose Nerium over taking Botox, my skin was so much better than before! Join me on my skincare journey here!
NeriumAD’s product description claims to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, increase firmness and all the other goodies that a fine lady (like me) will be totally interested in. I must say I’m pretty tempted to test it out, however, I hadn’t a chance yet!

Although so far I feel like this Nerium product could potentially serve its purpose pretty well as it was described, everyone should always consult their own physician first to verify whether any ingredients in any skin-care products they want to use will or will not cause their allergies to act up. Take everything here with a pinch of salt and you will do just fine. Stay awesome!

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