Leaving home?

Secretly, I’m researching and planning my escape to US. I haven’t really said much (I’ve been saying a lot of ambiguous stuff but nothing concrete), barely sounding serious about it. In the last two weeks, after months of reading, I’ve actually been looking into accommodations.

(No, I’m not going to pack up and just leave like that. I’m more of a planner-type. I plan, secure, schedule, plan a lot more, then finally… execute. Though, sometimes this process is a lot shorter than people think it’d be. What can I say, after doing this for over 10 years, there’s a lot of thought process that’s being reduced.)

You’d be surprise to know, it’s cheaper there than it is here (Singapore).

I’m Asian but my heart is… well… multi-racial. I love the little space I have in Singapore and Philippines, but something is just… missing. It frustrates me that the world is so huuugggeee yet I’m always just looking out the window from either the 6th (Singapore office) or 4th storey (Philippines office).

I do love my privacy, but starting aboard, 9,521 miles away, there’s always this worry of cost. After much consideration, think a co-work space seems most applicable.

I really really really want to be in New York, or around it. One day, not to far away, we’ll be there.

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