Age: Stop right there, thank you very much!

Defy aging! Be young and beautiful!

With the advent of technology and science getting more and more advanced, the search for that fountain of youth has been more extensive. Defy aging! That is the mantra of many women nowadays and the need to ‘look younger’ is but needed than ever. But is there really such a thing? Looking more youthful than your age?

Scientific researches proved that longevity is not a far fetched aim. It is now known that caloric restriction increases the life span of organism. Many researchers over the decade has dedicated their precious time in finding out that right formula, ingredients and even recipe for that perfect skin care product that would defy aging and prove longevity is attainable. The voyage to that wonder formula has lead researchers to the breathtaking view of the Swiss Alpines. Swiss researchers from the world-know Mibelle Biochemistry Group paved the way to apply the ‘longevity’ technology to skin care and form an anti aging effect through the use of Snow Algae Powder

In between the mountains lies the secret of beauty. During the everlasting summertime in the cascading mountains of Swiss Alpines, a mixture of pink and red textures adorned the majestic mountain range. This phenomenon is caused by the snow algae. Part of the beauty of snow algaes is that, it can live is the coldest place on Earth and has the ability to actively grow at a temperature of approximately 0 °C with very low nutrient levels. Conversely, most other plants in these conditions either reduce their metabolic activities or are simply unable to survive. Scientist were then able to prove that valuable stress molecules from these algaes protect the youthfulness of the skin.

In every stem cell of these precious algaes contains specific epigenetic factors that are discovered to be similar to the adult human cells, which work to prevent and repair human stem cell damage through a proprietary Swiss application in the best skin care products for aging skin.

A.G.E Stop combines the plant stems of the snow algaes: Swiss Edelweiss, Alpine Rose and High-Alpine Nunatak. Which gives the skins a denser look. Epidermal cells are protected and vitalized while the skins’s self-defense activities are renewed and strengthened.

All these effects lead to a significantly younger skin that is healthier and detoxified with an improved barrier function where a visible fresh look is achieved.

That is what we needed. The natural way to make ourselves look better and younger. For women do not need to lie about their age, let their skin do that for them.

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