Princessa’s New Look for 2015!

I’ve been quietly planning this for the last couple of weeks, and I’m happy to announce we’ve gone black! Okay, maybe not exactly black per se, but definitely a sleek look and feel from before, would you say so? It’s not just the main site, slowly but surely, you’ll see the rest of the sub sections change for the sleeker, cause Princessa’s no longer just an online persona, it’s the definition of my existence, it’s bigger than my life!

I’m over dramatising, just a little.

I’m really excited and really grateful to the team for helping me with the masking/mapping of to (no longer just a redirect, it reads as; the layman probably has no clue what I’m saying here, but the geeks will get it. For some strange reason, this masking took a lot more effort than it should. Apparently there was this one line, in the thousands of SQL lines that sort of 302 redirected the .42 IP to #meet-princessa. Good thing Jimmy managed to dig it out and rectified it. And this is why I am DEVOTED to ONLY using EN Technologies. Who else in the world would spend that much time helping me with things like that. It’s waaay over their “job scope” and I should know, development is one of my many professions.

I never said I was the best programmer out there, did I? ;x

Anyhow, it’s all good now, all that’s left is to reorganise my sub-sites and… well, do a proper sitemap and wala! We’re done. This layout is so versatile, I don’t see the need to ever changing it completely. I could possibly, on a weekly basis, change the whole “look and feel” without changing the skeleton of the template. Isn’t that awesome or what?

Oh yes, I will be blogging more folks.

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