Spin your way to beautiful arms!

Going to the gym three days a week, is not at all a convenient deed. In fact, it’s been getting harder and hard to maintain with work schedules, events, etc. Not to mention, it’s the end of the year and there are a lot more activities than usual. That said, keeping fit and living a healthy lifestyle is one of those things that I care deeply about. Not to mention, slimming down and look great haha! And I found…

6 minutes a day. 3 days a week.
Measurable results

The fun new way to fantastic arms, Powerspin is a unique new isometric fitness device designed specifically to tone and shape women’s arms.

A precision steel ball revolving rapidly inside an infinity tube provides powerful isometric resistance to completely engage your arms, upper body and core muscles.

RPM Sports Powerspin 20140927-powerspin2 20140927-powerspin4

Grasp your Powerspin and you’ll feel it working immediately. The faster you spin, the harder it works, each spin tightening your muscles within seconds; your arms will feel firmer, your back and shoulders toned, your abs solid – no matter your current fitness level.

Simple to pick up and use for everyone, your arms and abs just won’t know what hit them.

I haven’t bought it yet, but I’m really contemplating on getting on. If I do, let’s workout together digitally? ^^v

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