Cutesy Sweaters for August!

I was recently told, I’m “under dressing” for my age – not not wearing enough but wearing a little too young-ish. It doesn’t help that I don’t look my age to begin with. The whole youthful outfits, just makes it a lot harder to define. That said, I don’t believe I really care all that much? Haha. #justsaying

I decided, I should share a little of my cutesy finds from my beloved! <3


A sweet intarsia penguin pattern lends a playful feel to a slouchy Elle Sasson sweater. Crew neckline. Ribbed edges. Long sleeves.


This cheeky Moschino sweater is detailed with intarsia cheetah and chip-bag graphics, lending a bold, branded element to the cozy piece. ‘Guaranteed Fresh’ lettering accents the back panel. Ribbed crew neckline and cuffs. Long sleeves.

I’m more for the penguin one, to be honest.

People often question my choice of attire, “Singapore so hot, why you always wear long sleeves.” Usually, I ignore it, sometimes I go “I’m scared of the sun,” “I’m weird,” “I shy,” and so on; the honest answer, I have no idea. I guess I’m just more comfortable with sleeves than without. There’s some truth to the “I’m scared of the sun” one though. Less exposed, less chance of getting tanned. Haha.

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