What makes me jealous?

I’ve been asked what makes me jealous numerous times, cause I don’t really show it that often. In fact, Priss gets me jealous more than my boyfriends do, I’ll explain it in a bit.


So, if it were my boyfriend, I’d probably feel uncomfortable when he knows the likes and dislikes of another person more than mine. It’s pretty much the same for Priss and some other girlfriends. Cause they mean enough to me to be bothered or for me to pay enough attention to notice they know the other person, that isn’t me, all that well.

If my boyfriend knows I like sashimi and he knows, say Lucy likes sashimi too, that’s okay. If he adds, Lucy likes sashimi only from so-and-so but doesn’t know where my favourite Japanese restaurant is, we have a problem.

You need to communicate enough with a person to know such details. And if you know that much of another person instead of me, then probably you should be dating the other person and not me.

Makes sense?

So no, why the hell would I be pissed if my boyfriend tells me so and so is pretty. I think Fann Wong is drop dead gorgeous, I totally love her. Is that something to be unhappy about?

It’s all just superficial. And that really doesn’t mean much.


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