I was an ENFP, and I think I s…

I was an ENFP, and I think I still am, somewhat. But as much as I would like to be my ENFP self, I feel sadly relating alot more to my new INTJ persona. For instance…


Point 4, friendly and icy is still okay, but please don’t overly react… I don’t know how to respond to emotional outburst, whether it’s fury, sadness, etc. Also, it’s not always personal, in fact, most of the time it’s just “a matter of fact.” And yes, I’m more prompt to quitting the relationship than trying to salvage it. I can be heartless, in the aspect that if and when I cut you off, it’s more or less a final decision. So long as it never hits that point – despite being short fuse I actually have a ton of patience – I might cold shelf, but hardly completely cut off.

As for point 5, I prefer if you tell me what you want, obviously. That said, I’m not that oblivious, it’s really a choice and sometimes I choose to be. To certain extent, I still believe myself to be ENFP (lolx), therefore, I still have the ability to empathise.

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