Let’s pay more for selfie photos?

My sis was sharing with me this camera that she likes/want-to-get, the #Casio EX-TR150.


When it first came out the price was at SGD3xx, everyone loved it, sold out instantly – it helped that all the top #bloggers (locally and otherwise) were talking about it non-stop. Now, the price is at SGD1,4xx (probably newer version, since the first release was in 2012).

This makes no sense. Why is the price going up so significantly?


Seriously SGD1,4xx for a camera that takes selfies? Does that make any sense? What is it about the camera that people would still buy it at four (4) times the initial price?


Is it…

– Extremely shock/shake proof? Photos are always sharp, never blurred?
– High-res but compact? – What I heard is that the appeal is the blurry-ness of the photo… so meaning sharp is definitely not the plus-point here.
– Able to shot in super low-light situations?
– ???

I’m not trying to diss the product, I just don’t get the appeal. I need/want to know?

I saw it on an AD sometimes back (probably mid last year), and wanted to get it, didn’t really put in any effort to do so. I would probably be willing to pay up to SGD6xx for it.


But double that… really makes no sense. I’d rather get a new #DSLR, and Casio wouldn’t be my top picks.

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