What makes me happy…

This may sound like bullshit to a load of people, but I’m saying this from the heart. I like fancy cars, branded bags, designer clothes, expensive jewellery and so on so forth. I like appreciating the materialism of what the modern day society has provided us. I do not deny the fact, I’m pretty much the typical materialistic uptown girl.

That said, what can makes me happy is a different story altogether.

Photo credit: stickmaninlove.wordpress.com

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Moving to the Moon

我想我不夠愛你 我不曾忘了自己 沒那麼全心投入 所以會一敗塗地 我想我不夠愛你 我忘了你的勇氣 沒辦法重來一次 也只好聽天由命 不能在沒有月亮的夜裡 也不能輕易地閉上眼睛 因為你會出現在天空或心裡 不能在一望無盡的地方 也不能鑽進了擁擠人群 因為寂不寂寞 都會提醒我 我失去了我不夠愛的你


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