This is oddly terrifying The last couple meaning…

This is oddly terrifying. The last couple (meaning more than 1, in fact, more than 5) of people that viewed my profile in the app, are INTJs.

I feel slightly uncomfortable.

All their profiles are fantastically written, grammatically accurate and very much interesting. The letters I N T J was a deal maker already, the profile just made it even more alluring.

Also, they are all “high match” and possessing the appearance I desire.

How is it even possible that so many INTJs appear at one time? How is it possible they are all “high match” to me? Is this some kind of conspiracy? Am I listed in some kind of INTJ’s ideal ENFP counterpart forum of sort?

If this is some sort of conspiracy plot, what is the objective? If not, this is truly a coincidental shocking encounter.

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