Spending Valentine’s Day with Singles?

Valentine’s Day is supposedly the “special day” for lovers. For me, it’s kinda one of those days that enterprises OVERPRICE their products and services to make the men spend on their supposed better halves, which sometimes may not be all that better to begin with. So yes, to a certain extent, I am not much of a V’Day kinda gal (every year I have a different concept of Valentine’s Day, so don’t take everything I’m saying now as the gospel truth, fyi).

That said, I fell into this conspiracy after I checked my Facebook relationship status, and noticed that my dear Priss (who is supposedly “in a relationship” with me in Facebook) dated February 14th as our anniversary. I swear, it had to be a hint. Just for the sake of not ending up being the “bad girlfriend/boyfriend” I decided, I should get her a gift. I never did in the past, not that I remember at least, so I guess I should this year.

So yes, thanks to my dear girlfriend Karen, who happens to own a flower shop, I managed to get roses delivered to Priss’s office. It was a lovely bouquet, truly. She (I meant Priss that is) seems relatively happy receiving it, so that made me rather pleased.

Anyway, the plan for the day was to spend it with Priss. Unfortunately or fortunately, two days before the “special day” I was asked to host a Singles V’Day Party, VALENTINE VENDETTA. I gladly accepted the task, of course. Think about it, instead of wasting money this year, I’m actually gonna make some. Makes a lot of sense, no?

Priss, a whole bunch (and I meant A WHOLE BUNCH) of friends, and countless complete strangers accompanied me this Valentine’s Day. Among the lot… well… there was someone a little more special than the rest. The same someone that I haven’t seen since Valentine’s Day itself.

You know the feeling that you’re really into someone only to realise… it’s probably not going to work out? Every single day I’m debating in my head, the delusional Sab verses the logical one. It’s really sooo tiring. Plus, surrounding factors really aren’t making it any easier.

I’m drifting off point here. I want a stable relationship. I may be an ENFP but we do want to settle down too. We do want someone to hold dearly to our hearts and just stick to that one person for all eternity, through thick and thin (literally and metaphorically). Sigh.

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