My fortune teller told me that May onwards…

My fortune teller told me that May onwards is gonna be awesome. I’d have what I’m looking for (which includes love life, which at this point is a total and utter MESS). He better be right. I’m not one that forgives and forgets. I forgive, but hell, I NEVER FORGET. That said, I’d probably never do anything about it. It’s out of my nature to be too mean, but in my nature to be too nice. zZz I’m just retarded.

Fyi, it is also in my nature to be rather detached, emotionless and simply can’t be bothered. Or rather, I have the potential to be. So yes, basically my nature is a complete contradiction. That just about sums it up. Good luck trying to figure me out. I’ve tried my entire life, still working on it.

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