When you Believe, you can Achieve!

The journey to a Fabulous life starts with a single believe, a single believe that you will be able to achieve and eventually, you will.

Okay, I admit. You probably need a bit of luck and put in quite a bit of effort. Nothing comes easy (or free for that matter), but ultimately, “When you Believe, you can Achieve!”

I was quite lucky really, I’ve been pretty blessed my whole life.

After undergoing three months of slimming treatments and relatively hard work at the gym, I went about two sizes down, which is pretty amazing really.

It’s not like I’ve never trying slimming before, I did. In fact, there is no slimming centre in Singapore that doesn’t already have my records. Sadly, none really managed to cut me down in size. Perhaps it’s the mentality, I don’t really know. But whatever the case is, I’m really pleased with the results.

I know, I know. You’ve heard this story almost a million times. Good stories are always worth sharing over and over again, truly. Furthermore, it’s really the first time ever I managed to go down in size and maintain it.

Aside from the weight lost, I was given the opportunity to join an amazing fitness team, and host a very interesting web reality show, Fabulous You! The first episode has been aired already, the rest releasing soon. We’re more or less half way through production, and so far, it’s been a blast!

I also got to somewhat act in Geping’s upcoming production!

So what’s my latest project? Next Thursday, I’ll be guesting in iN988’s new LIVE webcast show. If all goes well, I’ll be hosting it thereafter!

So yes, a lot is happening, good and bad.

I was really hoping to push harder and lose more weight, but sadly, my current medical condition is somewhat preventing me from doing so. After self-admitting to the hospital last week, things are starting to turn a little grey.

It’s a good thing I’m a very positive individual. Haha.

I’ll share more when the results are firm, as of now, let’s just keep it under wraps.

Things are still pretty Fabulous! The new company we incorporated in October is starting to take off, and we have many new partners onboard!

My main focus now is SAUCE (and Gleeger), which consist of my long time project SAUCEink. If my medical report comes out and all is good, I’m gonna work double hard to make up of the lost time.

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I believe that all will be well and 2013 will be the BEST YEAR EVER! #ProjectFabulous awaits me.

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