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The downside of being sick is that I’m not able to meet people, therefore, not being able to promote the business. The “upside” is that I’m able to take this time and do some administrative work and of course, blog. Hurhur.

Many are asking, what’s up? Okay, here’s the round up of what went down.

I’ve been a little down and under the weather for the past two weeks or so. Tolerating the symptoms, I pulled through and has launched successfully, somewhat.

No doubt, I’m giving my body a bashing. So yes, my body has finally collapsed and I self-admitted on Sunday night to Changi General Hospital (CGH).

I’ve extremely high tolerance for pain, I promise you that. So girls and boys, do not try this at home.

After consultation, blood and urine tests, I’m happily or sadly diagnosed with two infections, a referral letter to two separate specialist, and the works – sore throat, flu, cough, fever, gastric, etc.

I have to say, Changi General Hospital (CGH) is really a letdown compared to the National University Hospital (NUH). I wish I still lived in the west.

Always look at the brighter side of life, this way, things feel a lot less depressing than it actually is. I’m quite an optimistic individual, to a certain extent.

Now you have it, the full breakdown of went went down in the last 72 hours. If I haven’t replied all your comments and such, well… it’s simply because the medication isn’t helping in keeping me up. I will eventually, as always.

Putting all that aside, what I present to you today is something FABULOUS!

As many of you might already know, I was blessed to have knocked on the doors of Fabulous Group, giving me the opportunity for a total revamp! I’m not saying, I’m prefect as of now, but the route to FabulouCity is clearly must brighter since.

As a blogger, a host… basically a supposed “public figure” (shameless, I know), your superficial appearance is what people first judge you with. It’s a tough world and no one gives you a break.

I thought my options were pretty clear, so long as I hid behind my keyboard, and PhotoShop my pictures extensively, I would be able to somewhat survive. Now, with my new found confidence and less need to PhotoShop, the world seems to be a much more pleasant place to live in. Not to mention, survival seems a lot more possible. Haha. Okay, I’m over dramatising it.

But honestly, it hasn’t been easy having weight issues. I’ve suffered it all my life. Although I’ve not gone to the extent of obesity, but the chubbiness has never failed to be a talking point.

I’m sure you’ve heard of statement like, “She so fat, cannot make it!” “Don’t know why her boyfriend still don’t dump her!” “Fugly!”

I’m egoistic and very much pride driven, statements like this do hurt my feelings but I brush it off with a laugh. I do not hide at home crying, cause the world is just too beautiful to miss out. I do however, find myself hiding behind my beautiful friends, even those that clearly take me for granted.

Of all miserable experiences that I quietly absorbed, there’s one incident I never really got over. To laugh with and be laughed at, are clearly two different things. To think for once, my dear prefect (this loud-mouth, good grades, Hongkie girl) would actually talk to me and even pull me a chair to sit, was quite delightful. Little did I know, she would pull the chair away just as I were to sit, watching me fall and laughing at me after.

It’s a prank, I get it. What can I say, the chubby girl takes the fall and it entertains the crowd. I was quite a shy girl in my younger days. The kind that never speaks up, never talks back, buys her friends, etc. I was generally a push-over.

Trust me, who I am today, is very different. Do not even try.

I share with you this story, one of the many, to tell you, it is possible to change. Life can be FABULOUS regardless. As I mentioned, I’m no where close to perfect yet, but at least, with the current improvements, I’ve seen and felt changes to my surrounding that makes every day a lot more worth looking forward to.

The key is confidence. When you look better, you feel better. With confidence, things just tend to smoothen out on its own.

If you’re on mobile, go to or click on the below image instead!

Now, here the disclaimer.

I’m not saying, participate in this giveaway and you’ll be instantly beautiful. I’m saying, it’s the start. Many gym goers stop putting in the effort because they just don’t see results. Truth be told, nothing comes easy. At least take the first step forward, and from there, take many more till you succeed!

Determination. Drive. Confidence. Success.

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