Chinese New Year Delights, Homemade with Love

I wrote this two days ago, thought the quadruple 12s looked good together, so decided to keep the statement. Hehe.

I know what you’re thinking, and yes, it’s not even Christmas, why are we talking about the Lunar New Year? Regardless the festive season these delights should not to be missed, furthermore, it comes with savings! It’s always good to think ahead.

From your favourite pineapple to special durian tarts and even the classic love letters. Over 80 selections to choose from, all handmade with love!

What’s more? Instead of the usual SGD45, through Gleeger you get it at only SGD28 – each set you get to pick 3 under the category D, J, L and R within the brochure. It’s a tough choice, trust me, so my advise would be to buy more. Need delivery? Top up another SGD10 and have it delivered to your house! Hurhur.

What’s available? Click on the image!

My top three picks would be the Cheese Pineapple Ball (D9), Nyonya Pineapple Tarts (D22) and Crispy Toufu (D27). I would go for the Special Durian Tarts (W1) too! I have a thing for durians. Hurhur.

Note the following, very important!

Once you’ve purchased the voucher (yes at Gleeger), you can email [email protected] with the following:

1. Name
2. State any 3 items under all category
3. Attachment of the voucher
4. Contact number

Alternatively, you can call +65 9184 1275 and provide the following details:

1. Name
2. State any 3 items under all category
3. Provide voucher code number

Additional cash top up is for items selected from category S, U, V and W upon collection.

Category S – SGD3 each
Category U and V – SGD4 each
Category W – SGD5 each

A friend was asking me, “They do logistics, so what’s this all about?” Okay, sure you probably have some doubts, but let me assure you that this isn’t the first time they’re distributing these treats. In fact, if you check their website, they also distribute fresh and canned fruits! So yeah.

Here’s their address, for additional reassurance. You can look for Henry Hoo (aka Techbug, hehe)!

Now people, support my friend and of course, my dear Gleeger!

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