Protecting you in the new 2013, VIPRE Antivirus

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Admittedly, on a day to day basis, I’m more of a Mac user than a PC one. That said, I do have a system running Windows, mainly to play computer games! The thing about PCs is the numerous number of threats, which really freaks me out.

I’m not all that tech-savvy, even though I’m a self proclaimed programmer and somewhat aesthetically old-fashion designer. Ten years ago, I could probably put together a CPU in minutes, maybe even 5 years ago now that I think of it. But now, at this very moment, definitely noobish (game term for newbie, somewhat) beyond believe.

Installing a software, aside from games, can be tricky for me. Okay, slightly exaggerating here.

So, antivirus softwares and PCs are like two peas in a pod. You cannot have a system running without protection. Come to think of it, there are many things you can’t run without protection. So, precaution is as important, or more, than cure.

I’m not all that familiar with antivirus, so when I was introduced to Vipre antivirus software, I didn’t have much of an opinion, then. After installation, in fact, the installation itself was a breeze.

Easy Install – Ensures a smooth, trouble-free installation process by eliminating any possible software conflicts.
Rapid Scan – After initial scan, very quickly scans files for changes and new threats.

It is said that Vipre Antivirus 2013 protects against over 100,000 new web threats every day without slowing down your computer. It also eliminates conflicts during installation with Vipre Easy Install, protects against email viruses and phishing scams and scans USB sticks and other removable drives for malicious software. Basically everything that freaks me out.

You should try it, to find out for yourself. Depending on how fast your connectivity is, the whole software is pretty much light-light.

Oh yes, Vipre Antivirus supposedly also keeps your personal and financial information safe from identity theft, cybercrime and PC hackers. The set up is pretty straightforward and the system uses top-rated prevention, detection and removal technologies to clean an infected computer while ensuring optimum PC performance.

So now, the pros of Vipre Antivirus is that it is low priced, good protection without affecting the performance of your PC, and it comes with extra tools. And the cons are that it requires internet connectivity for the installation and there is no firewall or malicious website scanner. More or less.

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