Have a Brew-ti-ful Day with Tiramisu Xpert

Day after day, I’ve been telling myself to play catch up with the numerous reviews I was supposed to write. But with the many new projects that required tech scoping, my brain just couldn’t switch, and I kept staring at a blank Google Doc. No matter how I tried, nothing came out.

Even today, writing this, I’m pretty much, forcing words out from my blank mind that just visualises spreadsheets and formulas.

Truth be told, I’ve always had a sweet tooth, so when Tiramisu Xpert (@tiramisu.xpert) dropped a DM to ask me to review their tiramisu, I agreed instantly.

Tiramisu Xpert is a newly startup local home-based business. As the name suggested, they are apparently the expert in making tiramisu, and every piece of tiramisu is handmade. Currently, there are two variations, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, available in three different sizes.

The package came in a brown paper bag, properly packed.

We had the solo-misu for the alcoholic and non-alcoholic variations.

The alcoholic tiramisu revealed a moist cake with coca power topping the top layer, balance in sweetness, and the cream was not overpowering; if a rating were required, it would have been an eight our ten (given by Pak).

I preferred the non-alcoholic version, given that I’m not fond of anything alcoholic. It had all the qualities of the alcoholic version, but slightly less flavour.

Un-Bailey-Vable (alcoholic version): SGD 12, 20 and 28
Brew-ti-ful Day (non-alcoholic version): SGD 10, 18 and 25

Pre-orders close on the 20th (less than two days to go)! You can place your orders at https://tiramisuxpert.cococart.co – get 15 percent off all purchases when you quote “princessadiary15”, only valid for your first order. The delivery fee is SGD 8.

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