“The Future Is Faster Than You Think”

In life, inspiration comes in forms you least expected. For the longest time, I’ve been told how I live in the future and should focus more on the present. I’ve been told I’m weird for as long as I can remember. Some gently suggested I’m misunderstood, for lack of a better word to describe it; they think I’m far-fetched.

It doesn’t bother me, just that it would be nice for once that people could see what I see about the future and not think it’s a storyline for a fantasy movie.

I tell people one day; I’ll build an AI of myself or transfer my consciousness to a machine to live through another generation. To see what happens when the world changes, when technology advances beyond what we think is impossible.

Is it impossible, though?

Suppose it was the 1900s, perhaps. I’m just crazy. But in the 2020s, things I imagined when I was 10 became yesterday’s news today. Who is to say that Sab AI is fictional or that I can’t transfer my consciousness? Who is to say that virtual reality isn’t practical?

I did not expect anyone to ask if I would be open to transferring my consciousness to a different body. My answer was instantaneously a yes. It’s been something I’ve been thinking about forever.

There are just that many years. There’s so much more I want to read, learn, understand and execute. The body is just a shell; the consciousness makes the person. It didn’t matter how I looked. That can be changed. So no, I’m not overly bothered whether I’m fat, thin, pretty, or ugly, though I understand clearly the difference it would make in opportunities.

Most of us would agree that the one thing we cannot buy is time. So time is the most precious asset you can possess. If so, why waste it on things like travelling or even driving? If you had more time, that would mean more knowledge (of course, you’d need to read, learn, understand and execute).

I imagined having groceries delivered to my doorstep so I need not queue at the supermarket; it happened. There’s Redmart, EA Mart, etc. I imagined a world where I could schedule my transportation affordable, so I could spend the time working when travelling from A to B; it happened, there’s Grab, etc.

“The Future Is Faster Than You Think: How Converging Technologies Are Transforming Business, Industries, and Our Lives”

Reading the book’s first few chapters inspired me to discuss that virtual reality world I imagine would become the future. As I turned the pages, I read that word typed in black font on paper. So, it’s not just me.

I was sure it wasn’t just me. I just haven’t had the opportunity to meet enough people that thought of things beyond what we have today.

The world is bigger than you think. If you can imagine it, it can happen – perhaps less magic, though that can be mimicked through science.

Hopefully, in this lifetime, I’d be able to contribute to making that future I see become a reality for the next (hopefully this) generation. Who is to know? Anything can happen. Everything starts from something.

Let’s start small, but let’s start regardless.

P.S. I haven’t finished the book, but I will soon – time to invest in more booksβ€”best Friday music night ever.

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