Our first People’s Inc. music production – Happy Friendship Day!

So, here’s the longer version of the story of how this all came about…

The InfinaCo team (basically People’s Inc.’s extended family of super hustlers) have been going all out offering our PINC 360 solution to the brands.

Jing Heng specifically, met this prospect that came up with this #challenge (which he kinda retracted the very next day but JH only told me the following week) for us to come up with something creative for friendship day.

Admittedly, I call the marketing we currently do as “boring marketing” because it’s the “not so fun” part about marketing that you need to do nevertheless. While I would love to do the creative aspect of it, in times like these, it’s better to be more practical. (At least for now.)

My initial concept for the client was to share about the work culture; this involved everyone recording the same sentence and we kinda mash it up in the video. We’d also include a part where we showcased the warmth aspect of the “service” and space. It’s not like out of this world or anything, just a play of one of those award-winning campaigns I’ve seen, massively scaled down.

The fact that I spent time thinking about it and having a pointless conversation (because the next day he told JH to drop it altogether, making the conversation pointless, to begin with), when JH said to he dropped the idea and just wants us to do what we can for the basic package; I decided not to pursue the account.

If you’re reading this and going like “why so zhuai (as in arrogant)” or “money also don’t want to earn?” (Yes, it’s broken English, we do pride ourselves in eating words that form proper sentences.) Well, think again.

If he could change his mind overnight just like that, ask us to just do what we can but not foot the bill till it’s done; what’s the likelihood he would like what was done and willingly foot the bill?

Call me a sceptic, but I don’t buy it. I might have gone through with the pitch if he had maintained that stance, but the moment he withdrew it, I’m pretty sure this was a wide goose chase.

SO, that might be the end of that story, BUT that kinda led to…

Our awesome friendship day song!

I’m not going to deny, it’s not perfect. If given more time and enthusiasm, it could have been, but well, so much for that. These were the hurdles I was faced with;

  1. Ed was extremely reluctant doing it because he apparently “couldn’t relate to it” and when he comes up with songs, he needed to “feel it,” for it to be good.
  2. Pak (our awesome new CEO) dodge the bullet of having his voice recorded, so the entire piece was kinda layering of just Ed’s voice.
  3. NO ONE ELSE OFFERED TO HELP, well… other than the creative team (of course).

Fortunately, Elora was awesome as usual, she helped make it happen. Thankfully, we had Alex (it’s a her, in case you’re wondering) to animate it. I was hoping we could use a few real people, but I guess our humans were too busy with the reality of life. (This is why I created characters for everyone, but that’s another story for another day.)

Side note, I got the team to make me a pink version for my Instagram (you know, for branding sake), but the original was orange. Since I’ve deleted my YouTube donkey years ago, I guess there’s no point of me creating a new account just to upload my pink version, much less upload the pink version on People’s Inc.’s account and spend even more time marketing two links that send the same message.

Long story short (that was totally a pointless and long story), BIG THANKS TO JING HENG for triggering this, and a HUGE THANKS to everyone else that aided in the completion of it. So now, share it, please!

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