Muscles, Mosanco Recovery and Me

I look at my workout plan for today:

Reverse lunges, 12 reps per side
Lateral split squats, 12 reps per side
Pushups, 10 reps.
Hip bridges, 10 reps.
Mountain climbers, 30 seconds.
Plank, 30 seconds
Repeat 3 sets.

I am already tired after reading that! But since it is in my New Year’s resolution, I have to try keeping up with this promise to myself.

However, I don’t just exercise and tire my muscles out without feeding them so it becomes more effective. I know how to care for my heart and I know how to care for my muscles too!

You see, muscles play a critical role when it comes to our movement. The worst thing that could happen (one of the worst things) is to not have mobility. It is more critical to care for our muscles as we age. When we are young we have strength and flexibility. Our muscles also heal quickly when they’ve been strained or damaged. However, it all changes as age advances as we gradually lose muscle mass.

Tiny, sometimes microscopic tears appear when we do our daily chores and also exercise. With damage comes inflammation. When our muscles are tired and sore, we stop moving. When we stop moving, muscle mass decreases. This is how some people give up on working out sometimes. To ensure I am not demotivated, I take Mosanco Recovery.

I am at ease to know that I am taking care of my muscles. Remaining active to retain my strength and mobility as I age is vital. I all want to look as good as I feel from the inside out.

What about you?

Check out my online boutique at to purchase Mosanco Recovery and start your journey toward muscle vitality!

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