Cinderella, Chapter 6: Learning about the Enchanted Cafe

We know that Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters despised her. In fact, the fairytale kingdom knows of it. So can you imagine the shock when Cinderella along with her stepmother and stepsisters were seen strolling home after their dining experience at Enchanted Cafe? They were seen by the enchanted animals, coming through the magic portal, chatting and laughing together.

Isn’t that odd!

This change astonished many (the word got around from the enchanted animals to the kingdom-folk) and they too, wanted to journey through the magic portal.

One by one, sometimes alone, sometimes with a friend; different creatures of the land jumped through the magic portal and found themselves at the pathway towards Enchanted Cafe, located at 88 Rangoon Road, Singapore.

The word got around that their tea – Mosanco Tea, was the BEST in and out of their kingdom! It was then that it reached the ears of someone most unlikely to get the news…

A new story unfolds next week. While waiting, visit Enchanted Cafe and you may be putting yourself in line towards your happily ever after. 😉😉😉

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