Cinderella, Chapter 1: Cinderalla’s secret

We all know about Cinderella’s stepsisters, always calling on her to do favours for them. Wash the clothes, comb their hair, powder their face – for every little thing, they would shout Cinderella!

But Cinderella has got a secret. No way is she going to be a slave to her lazy and entitled stepsisters!

You see, just behind her home is a pathway in the woods that leads to a magic portal. All she has to do is jump right in and voila, she is in the real world – OUR world.

The first time she landed in our world was by accident. She didn’t even notice the portal when she toppled in; down, down, down and suddenly she is standing upright, just in front of a cafe – Enchanted Cafe – right smack in Rangoon Road, Singapore.

Bewildered, she stepped into the cafe and despite how odd she looked to everyone else, the cafe’s friendly staff welcomed her by sitting her down and serving her hot latte.

Since then, she has been a regular at Enchanted Cafe, jumping into the magical portal every time she yearns for an escape.

You too – like Cinderella, can make an escape! Find out what happens to Cinderella next week as her story unfolds…

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