Cinderella, Chapter 5: Family bonding at Enchanted Cafe

Cinderella’s stepmother was FURIOUS. So furious that her face turned maroon!

Together with Cinderella’s stepsisters, they stomped their way down the path to the entrance of Enchanted Cafe. The door opened and the entered and SUDDENLY, a gust of wind blew out from the inside out.

OH, what just happened?

Every angry emotion in Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters were BLOWN AWAY. Every trace of anger and jealousy was gone. They felt… CALM.

As they entered, all the staff in the Enchanted Cafe smiled and greeted them. They even showed them to the table and brought the cafe’s much-celebrated Berry Bliss Bowl!

For once, they felt joy!

Cinderella spotted them and although rather startled, came over to greet them. Surprisingly, her stepmother and stepsisters smiled and they were able to share a meal – as a family.

Enchanted Cafe has the magic of bringing people together. It is time you dined here too.

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