Cinderella, Chapter 2: The hidden slipper

Cinderella has been visiting Enchanted Cafe daily for months now. When she makes her escape and before she leaps into the magic portal, she would hide her precious silk slippers her late father gave her under the bushes, a few metres from the magic portal. She does this so no one would follow her footsteps and find the portal!

One day, her stepsisters lost their hairbrush and they were frantically looking for Cinderella to find it for them. They decided to look for her in the woods. As they were scouring through the woods, they found Cinderella’s silk slippers hidden under the bush!

Furious, they ran home to tell their mother.

At the same time, Cinderella was in our world, chilling in Enchanted Cafe with a cup of Mosanco Tea in hand.

What will happen next? You’ll have to uncover the next episode next week. In the meantime, let us all be like Cinderella and order a pot of Mosanco Tea at Enchanted Cafe to unwind from life’s dramatic twists and turns.

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