Outfit for each day of the week

Have you been in that spot where however much you look at your closet, you just can’t find what to wear today?

Often, we look at the closet and get no idea what to use for the day, and in the end, we go out with something that didn’t really click. But worry no more! Here we have a list of outfits that are going to help you in those difficult moments.


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The first impression is the most important, and for the first day of the week, something simple but sophisticated is the best fit for work, college and hanging out. An easy way is to find a really good blazer with a chic colour to stands out, like this Stylish Cotton Blend Slim Fit Women’s Blazer, and what makes the difference between a regular and a perfectly combined look is a cute pair of jeans and a blouse.


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A fantastic choice for this day is to use a jumpsuit, because it goes with everything! You can use it with flats, sandals or heels, and there are so many types, you can choose one that fits with your body type and marks your waist. They also are really comfortable and a ready to use option for day or night. Take a look at this Vanessa Bruno Athé jumpsuit.


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When we reach this day most of the time we felt a little bit tired, a dress is a smart option and it could be our best friend this day, choose a dress that you love and that makes you feel relax and pretty, it doesn’t have to be a fancy dress just one cute and appropriate to the occasions that you usually managed this day. See this Red Skater Dress.


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The end of the week is almost here, and ladies night is around the corner, so a versatile option is ideal for this day. With this blouse and skirt gown, you can change from day to night just by adding heels and any type of jewelry. Try this ETRO Long skirt.


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It’s finally the end of the week! If you are ready for a party, a dress is a fine choice because you have a lot of options, and if you are going to a club match the dress with heels, but if you are having dinner with your couple, a leather jacket is perfect for both the day and late night occasions.


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The perfect dat for going outdoors! You can go hiking, camping or just have a picnic in the nearest park, and of course, you need an outfit perfect for all of these, plus mosquitoes are everywhere! Leggings are chic and never get old; combined with a jacket and boots, you will be ready to go.


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Finally, the day to stay at home. What could be better than using your favorites pajamas? Sunday is a day to connect with yourself and forget about everything else, however, you can still be a fashionista with your pajama set as you stay at home watching Netflix, so make this day your day.

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