AUOLIVE review: The eyes lifter I never knew I needed

I don’t get a lot of sleep. As a start-up warrior, grassroots and non-profits champion, I sacrifice my sleep regularly for my lofty dreams. However, to look all perky and fresh each day, I have a religious skincare routine. My daily steps include (1) makeup removal, (2) cleanse, (3) tone, (4) brightening essence, (5) hydrating essence, (6) cell renewal serum, and (7) moisturiser!

A fervent believer of the Chinese saying “世上只有懒女人,没有丑女人” I’ve always told myself that persistence is the key. Hence, when Sabrina (@princessa) shared with me how I should start taking care of my eyes and how she had the perfect product for it, I was a bit unsure if I needed another addition to my skincare routine.

Auolive products are designed as multi-purpose skincare solutions that aims to help women look awesome without spending too much time. I am a woman that cares about taking care of herself, so with some doubts, I decided to try the product anyway since I trusted Sabrina enough to know her recommendations are legit.

Initial Fact Check

In order to capture the full benefits of Auolive, I took a “before” photo:

I noticed that the eyelids on my right side are slightly drooping (must be due to excessive one-sided squinting of my eyes, as I am pretty blind with 1,000+ degrees of myopia). This became my main and most significant motivation to use the eyes lifter consistently!

I also realised that I had some eye bags, and coupled with the fear of developing crow’s feet as I turn 27, I was hoping that the eyes lifter could contour my eyes back to its full glory.

To ensure that I wasn’t biased, I did not research in advance about the product’s functions or ingredients. I felt that knowing too much in advance would cloud my observations – you can’t deny that when manufacturers list out “Birds Nest” or “Ginseng” as their ingredients, you’ll probably assume that they are slightly more premium.

Using The Product

My first look at the Auolive:

I liked that the packaging was simple and minimalist. Having a sensitive skin, I was a bit concerned that the eyes lifter would cause milia seeds around my eyes. Luckily, that concern was debunked the moment my eyes fell on the bottle itself (as it had the words “water-based”!). In my case, anything that is water-based is pretty much safe. =)

For the next two weeks, I applied the products day and night in between steps (6) and (7) of my original routine. What I liked best was that the formula was not oily nor sticky, and how my skin could breathe after application.

Here is my after picture:

So, did Auolive work?

In short, YES! After the two weeks of usage, I realised that my eyes not only looked brighter but are indeed more lifted. I’m sure my left lid will be contoured upwards soon enough with continuous usage.

I also love the twist-cap airless bottle design. I verified its claim that it is spill-proof and leak-proof when I accidentally dropped the bottle on the floor (sorry!).

After the two-week trial was over, I went to find out more about the product that I was using. Fun facts I found out include:

  1. Auolive skincare products are water-based, Swiss-formulated with natural active ingredients and made in Singapore (Singaporean pride!).
  2. The eyes lifter boast five benefits:
    a. Energising.
    b. Lifting (duh).
    c. Hydrating.
    d. Enhancing eye contour.
    e. Soften wrinkles, fine lines, eye puffiness, eye bags, dark circles and discolouration around the eyes.

I had unknowingly benefitted from all the above, all while I was just focusing on lifting my lids!

Take a look at all the active ingredients listed below:

Eyes are the windows to one’s soul, and hence, the Auolive eyes lifter is now my must-have for the extra care to fight ageing signs around my precious eyes.

Overall, I like how the product feels on my skin and am happy that I was able to see its benefits within two weeks of use. AUOLIVE lived up to the hype, and Sabrina’s recommendations are, once again, lit stuff.

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