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Sometimes in life, we all need that spark of inspiration to bring us up to date with the current fashion trends. Check out these chic looks, dab on some makeup and hit the streets for a day of fun and excitement!

1. Psychedelic-me-up, vintage party dress

Nothing speaks louder than a multitude of colours intricately sewn together to create that hypnotising, attractive look! Once they start looking, they can’t stop staring! Throw on a couple of Tagua jewellery accessories and you are all set to party whenever and wherever!

2. The-classic-blue, formal midi dress

A classic look, a simple blue dress carries you to any formal events you might have to attend. Accentuate your glowing skin and puts the focus on your lovely facial features. This beautiful dark blue also brings out a more elegant and sophisticated side to being an attractive woman. You might want to pair this dress with silver accessories and heels, for example, a simple pearl necklace to add maturity, or a simple diamond pendant to focus on youthfulness.

3. Works-for-all-occasions, Michael Kors Tote

Nothing like a little brand power to throw into your OOTD yes? Michael Kors Totes are always a delightful look to behold and a great conversational starter too! Pair this with your formal dresses or casual wears, it works! Just don’t match it with beachwear and you’re all set! Feeling a little mischievous and girly? Add on a fluffy tail keychain and show a different side to you that no one knows!

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4. For-the-BFs, Men Watches

These men watches will never ever stop being great gifts to your boyfriends, husbands or fiancΓ©s. This G-SHOCK design, in particular, emits manliness, durability and stability. All the great values you want from the love of your life. Since Valentines is coming up, why not for a change, get him a gift he will treasure for the rest of his life?

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