How to choose the best makeup for every occasion (and skin tone)

What make-up are you putting on for your next meeting? And party?

Every skin had different needs – the base itself can change depending on the occasion, the finishing and colour. Not knowing how or what to choose is a relatable worry, and we’ve seen time and time again cheap cosmetics wearing out early into a wedding night or not doing a good job no matter how much it’s applied.

These are some ways to enhance your beauty by choosing the correct makeup, based on the occasion and your skin.


Sometimes basic is the best, and when going to work, meeting up with some friends and even receiving guests, applying a base of the same colour and tone as your own (or just a bit lighter) is perfect for hiding some imperfections while staying casual and true to your regular looks.

To get a natural and bright finishing, we can’t recommend the 4-Piece “Get Started” Medium Beige set, which covers you for the whole day by combining multiple foundations, a Mineral Veil and a translucent finisher powder.


An intense makeup can turn you into the protagonist of a wedding night or a gala dinner. Before that, you’ll need to apply some base in a tone just a bit lighter or darker than your skin’s, and spread some corrector above your eyelids until it meshes with your skin.

After that, keep prettying the eyelids with some white shadow near the nose and a darker colour like brown or grey as you go for the sides.

Finish it up with some eyeliner to draw a very thin line above your eyelashes, ending on an upwards curve. This mask-like makeup will give you a sophisticated look.

As far as eyeliners go, we love the Lasting Line Long-Wearing Eyeliner as it’s a thin eyeliner that lasts for whole nights, and lets you effortlessly draw precise lines. Add a pink or red lipstick, and you are good to go.


Vivid and playful colours are ideal for dancing and partying nights. To start off with them, choose a light base and apply a vibrant underline to your lids (going a bit crazy with blue, green or purple is great here!).

Now, add some shadow of the same colour and a very close tone like the one you choose for the underline, and finish up by applying some gloss on your lips until you get that juicy and sensual glow.


This look is designed to turn an innocent and sweet girl into a sassy and mysterious one. You’ll need to use black shadow over your eyelids, and touch it up with a black underline ending in a devilish curve; you can use black pencil can add strength to the colour.

With the Eyes Are The Window Shadow Palette by Stilla set, you can add over twelve lovely shades that come in twelve luxurious, jewellery-inspired compacts. Just two layers of the shadow will be enough to add the ideal depth to your look.

After such dark colours, however, it’s best to keep the rest of the makeup light: a pink or peach blush on the cheeks and lip gloss will be enough.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to experiment a bit and tailor makeup combinations to your own taste. At Beauty Bridge, you’ll find every piece you need to turn makeup into amazing compositions for every occasion.

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