Making friends and having fun with zodiac

Horozo is a bit combination of astrology, social network and computer game. The more you play the more Karma points you get. The more you are involved in interaction, tests and another activities the soon collect necessary Karma points.

They open way to new levels or functions and services that keep you focus on creating your profile, keep proper entertainment and allow you to get yourself. Web offers 16 personality tests you can find out from results who you really are. Test results are taken into your account profile and creates higher chance to get better match with potential counterpart.

Although single test abbreviations will not say anything to you they are describes in detail very well when you click on them. The right fun comes with interaction with another users. The funnies part of that is asking pre-prepared questions for your potential partners. You will find people you like in search page and send a question. If your request is accepted by other side you will get answer and also question you should answer. This cross examination can take hours and it is unreal entertainment.

Simultaneously it allows you to get know your potential partner. Questions are available trivial, more serious, to sexually sensitive. Horozo is undoubtedly a promising project that will bring you the right start into your lives and also new upcoming functions and services like palm reading, natal graph composed of astrological information about your birth, astrological school with levels, prices and exams. Try now at

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