Imagine a pair of sunglasses made of stone and natural wood

The brand that is creating these natural accessories is called Bambusee. They create natural sunglasses that benefit the craftsperson, the environment and you, the customer. All their sunglasses are handmade in Indonesia using environmentally friendly raw materials including recycled woods and natural stone. They are fitted with high-quality lenses conforming to all European and American standards.

Bambusee builds on the skills and traditions of local craftspeople and there is neither discrimination nor child labor. They are social-conscious and would employ people living with HIV/ AIDS, rehabilitated drug users and other vulnerable groups.

By purchasing Bambusee sunglasses you directly contribute to local charities in Indonesia. Through partnerships with the Indonesian Eye Doctors’ Association and the NGO Besi Pae, they are able to help support the millions of poorer Indonesians who suffer from eye problems.

To date, the programs that they supported in Eastern Indonesia have helped to facilitate over 2000 cataract and other eye operations, the training of eye doctors and the distribution of free glasses and sunglasses for those who cannot afford them themselves.

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