How important is it for us to go green?

Everyone is talking about being more green and the effect it can have on the planet, but why should you do it? People are trying to develop new ways of going green; from their use of chemical products to plastic bags.

There may be a great number of ways you can go green, but there are also a great number of reasons to go green; many of which get forgotten. Hopefully you will be more motivated to join the green trend if you understand the important reasons for doing so.

So why is it important to go green? What are the reasons to go green?

Green Travel Directly Reduces Carbon Emissions

Choosing to walk, take public transport, or ride a bike reduces (if not eliminates) the amount of carbon dioxide and other emissions generated by driving a car. Green travel reduces global warming and keeps the day we reach peak oil at bay. Choosing to take the train rather than air travel when going long distances can have a major impact on your personal carbon footprint.

Not only does driving less benefit the environment, but it also benefits your health. Going on foot or by bike is a great way to exercise, which leads to losing weight and improving your heart health. Going outdoors benefits you emotionally and mentally because of the influence of nature.

It’s time you stopped using your car for short journeys, and started using public transport when you take longer journeys. There are other benefits as well; such as avoiding road rage and increasing productivity by answering emails and calls during the morning commute.

Better Looking Skin

Green products leave your skin looking healthier and more radiant. Our skin wraps around us and keeps us protected. It is a living, breathing layer of tissue. The skin is able to absorb products applied to it and let them enter the bloodstream. You can imagine the kind of damage that would be done by using products filled with chemicals.

Choosing natural cosmetic products stops these harmful chemicals from coming into contact with your skin. A range of skin conditions, including acne, dermatitis, allergies, and irritations can be treated by just switching to products that don’t contain synthetic ingredients and petroleum.

Using all-natural products keeps your skin and body healthy over the long-term because they keep your hair and skin functioning naturally and in a healthy way. The skin really makes the most out of the nutrients in these natural ingredients. Natural products look great, they smell delicious, and leave you feeling fabulous!

Reduced Water Bills

Going green can shave up to hundreds of dollars off of your water bill. Green upgrades reduce how much water is needed to keep your home running and save you a lot of money in the process. These upgrades are particularly useful in a state with restrictions on water-use.

Plumbing systems that cut down on water use and Energy Star appliances can be used in the home to reduce water usage. A toilet made before 1982 burns through 5-7 gallons of water with every flush. It’s time you got a toilet that uses less than 1.3 gallons each flush, giving you instant savings.

Money can be saved in the yard by switching to an irrigation system or a low-flow sprinkler. Giving plants less water actually helps them because it prevents overwatering and minimises the growth of weeds. The grass will still be greener on your side, and your wallet will be healthier.

Make Your Home More Durable

The eco-friendly home is more durable. They may be using recycled products, but this isn’t to say that they wear out faster. Decking made from recycled materials such as wood fibers and plastic bags will last up to five times as long as regular wood decking. Better yet; it never needs to be painted or treated.

Using durable recycled materials means spending less time and money keeping the property maintained. It also means getting more money if you decide to sell the property.

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