Creating memories with flowers with Lolaflora

Nothing speaks romance louder than a bouquet of lovely flowers, nicely arranged and sent from your beloved. With a team of internationally qualified florists, Lolaflora, a global flower delivery service, helps to express out feelings through fresh, gorgeous flowers and gifts to enhance the entire experience. Send out a special message accompanied with flowers of your choice, from roses to lilies, daisies to orchids, you name it!

It doesn’t take much reason to send a beautiful bouquet of flowers to your loved ones. Here are some occasions and times to send one today!

Just Because You’re Special

Receiving a bouquet of roses just because you’re special. Roses don’t just represent love, it also represents passion and an eternal flame. This particular design is known “25 Red Roses – Queen of Hearts“. Twenty-five roses of the highest quality and the most brilliant colors come together with a beautiful shade of green, peppered with delicate white snow flakes to create a bouquet that is represents a strong passion, yet delicate, loving, and one that truly says I love you for you being who you are.

Good ol’ Cheer Up!Β 

If a close friend or buddy needs some cheering up, what could bring a bigger smile to their faces than this gorgeous “49 Pink Rambler Roses – Cheerful Hug“. Here are 49 really, fabulous reasons why receiving this bouquet of pink roses will definitely cheer up your friend, wrapped in a radiant shade of vitality!

Share Some Happiness!

Representing the sun, yellow roses represent optimism, warmth, friendship and joy. This bouquet, “41 Yellow Roses – Autumn Sun” is the perfect bouquet to send to a friend, a colleague, a family member. The usual red colored roses usually has the connotation of love attached to it, so yellow roses are always a good alternative choice.

Why choose Lolaflora?

LolaFlora is an international flower and gifting delivery company thatΒ offers its customers exceptional quality goods and services. Here are just some reasons why you should get your bouquets from them:

  • Same day flower delivery.
  • Personalised gift.
  • Safe and secure SSL shopping.
  • 100 percent happiness guarantee.

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