Personalised gifts: Yes, or no?

Festivals, birthdays, gatherings, and gifts tend to sweeten things up no matter the event! With the ever-increasing variety of choices in the market today, we are looking at an initial decision phase of getting mass-targeted products or personalised gifts that mean something to the person receiving them.

Personally, I don’t mind receiving mass-targeted products such as iPads or Starbucks pre-paid cards as gifts. However, gifts like these do not mean much to me and will probably end up in a permanent slot within my cabinet for a long time.


On the other hand, personalised gifts have more sentimental value to me. It can be as simple as a wallet with my name etched onto it or a photo frame with a signed picture of my idol. I tend to value these gifts much more compared to the mass-targeted counterparts.

Out of all the personalised gifts available in the market, I find personalised mugs to be the best one-gift-idea-fits-all you can get for your loved ones. It’s practical, it’s sweet, and your message can be totally unique. The best thing about it is you don’t have to break your own piggy bank to get one for your best friend. I was looking around for e-commerce stores selling these sorts of gifts. I came across this lovely personalised mug with a message: “Singaporean Mum Only Because… Full-Time Multitasking Ninja Is Not An Actual Job Title“. I immediately felt my best friend would be more than delighted to receive this personalised gift from me.

singaporean mom mug

I found quite a few more types of personalised gifts on this website while researching online, like tote bags, tee shirts, posters, and more! The interface was easy to use, and I highly recommend checking out their stuff. Just type in “”, hit enter, and you are there.

Ultimately, if it is a good friend, a family member, or a loved one, I believe that a personalised gift will outshine mass-targeted ones anytime, hands down. What’s your own preference?

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