Personal Gifts for Grandparents

Being a grandparent is an incredibly special thing. The relationships you have the potential to build with your grandchildren is like no other. I hold grandparents in such high esteem not only because of the that unique relationship but also because they’ve earned it.

Finding the perfect gift for the grandparent of your child or your own grandparent is tough. In my experience, sentimental and personal gifts have always been the way forward. Not only are they an absolute joy to give and to receive, they are also an enjoyable thing to plan and buy.

In order to help give you some ideas about what you could buy your grandparent or child’s grandparent, I have put together a list of ideas:

Fingerprint Charm Jewellery


You can’t really get more personal or sentimental than giving fingerprint charm jewellery with the fingerprint of a grandchild to a grandparent. This sort of gift allows a grandparent to keep their special grandchild close to them wherever you all are – it is a constant reminder of that special bond. Fingerprint charm jewellery is usually made from strong, good quality materials that are designed to last a lifetime which is another reason why fingerprint charm jewellery makes such a fantastic and meaningful gift. To purchase one, head to the beautiful jewellers, Hold Upon Heart, who specialise in fingerprint charm jewellery.

A Personalised Grandparent and Grandchildren Tree


This family tree will make a fantastic gift for any proud grandparent. The names of the grandchild are put in a circle formed by the tree and then surrounded with an array of dainty woodland creatures and flowers. These are made to order and are the perfect way for grandparents to showcase their wonderful grandchildren in a tasteful, pretty and arty way. Head to to purchase!

Personalised Mug


All of the grandparents I have met in my time have loved hot drinks. Whether it’s tea, coffee, cocoa or Horlicks, a mug is always a necessity. The idea of a personalised mug can come in many forms whether it be a photographic mug with an image of the grandchildren on it or a plain mug with ‘Grandparent’ printed on it for all to see. I found this lovely mug on my hunt for personalised grandparent gifts and think it’s the ideal present!

Personalised Photo Frame


Nothing screams sentimental more than a photograph. Photos are a transportation back to a particular moment and a particular feeling; so put a happy memory in a photo frame and send it to a grandparent! To make this gift even more personal and sentimental, I would recommend buying a frame with someone written on it such as a name or quote to make it that extra special.

So there’s my list sentimental gift ideas for grandparents. I hope this will help you to choose a present for that special grandparent on their next birthday, Christmas or even just as a spontaneous and lovely surprise.

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