A new, complete skincare collection by Epiglo

Imagine the lush, majestic green forests of Indonesia with all its natural goodness all imbued into a collection of skincare products. This new collection of skincare from Epiglo comes in 3 different categories: Olive, Jasmine and Rose.

Olive Collection

Olive oil has always been the reason behind the Mediterranean people’s secret of youth and beauty. Rich in Linoleic and Oleic acids, high in essential vitamins, this collection helps the skin look more radiant with the infusion of olive extract.

Jasmine Collection

Calming and relaxing, the Jasmine collection of skincare helps to soothe irritation, moisturises and helps to strengthen the skin.

Rose Collection

With a long history of therapeutic and skincare benefits, Rose oil has a rejuvenating effect and aids in the process of the replenishing of skin.

Epiglo is inspired by Indonesian tradition. Powered by nature and perfected by science, Epiglo is patch tested under the supervision of skin experts with over 35 years of experience and formulated in GMP quality manufacturing. Epiglo is designed to deliver a total skincare solution. Epiglo encourages people to make a healthy conscious life style because no one should compromise their health for beauty.

Epiglo is available at www.epiglo.com, Official eBay for Charity, Amazon US & Canada, Shopify, Square Market, Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa @ Summit Lodge Whistler and Hilton Whistler, Hen Long Supermarket Vancouver (Coming Soon)

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