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Who can forget the saying “beauty is in the eye of a beholder.” What one person finds beautiful may be very different from what another finds appealing. This is particularly relevant when considering other societies’ definitions of beauty. The ideals of beauty imposed by our community significantly impact the styles and trends we gravitate around.

But we girls don’t need their judgments. All we need to do is feel good, and make ourselves comfortable. Don’t worry. We’re here to deliver and help you gain that confidence and fabulousness.

We discovered a new beauty website in town, beautiful creations, to satisfy all our beauty needs. It has a beauty-retail concept that offers a wide array of makeup brushes, lipsticks, colourful palette, and eye makeup that ranges from USD 19.99 to 59.99. This will probably save you for your everyday needs.

Here are our top favourite products from them:

Aloe Vera Natural Lipstick (USD 19.99)

This colour-changing tinted lip balm is undoubtedly on top of the fave list. Aside from this lipstick that contains aloe vera, it has honey extract, selected jojoba seed oil, vitamin E to protect your lips from getting damaged.

Cosmetic Jewellery Organiser Box (USD 24.99)

This two-way organiser box is ideal for storing jewellery and cosmetics essentials such as makeup brushes and lipsticks. Because it’s stackable, it’s perfect for your dressing table, allowing you to be more organised and free up more space.

Cherry Brush Set (USD 39.99)

From a person who loves pink, this will surely be on my favourite list. Nothing beats the perfect application, beautifully blended finishes, and luxurious sweep that a high-quality makeup brush can provide. A blush brush, eyeshadow brush, foundation brush, eye smudge brush, eyebrow brush, nasal shadow brush, lip brush, and eyelash brush are included.

Shades Of Velvet Matte Lipstick (USD 39.99 – usual USD 49.99)

Perfect for your everyday use! This set of velvet matte lipstick comes in different shades of nude, suitable for different skin tones. You can experiment with it using one colour every day and different colour each day.

Alice Quicksand Palette (USD 59.99)

The eyes are a centre of beauty. Eye makeup, whether it’s mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, or eyelash extensions, can make or break your look. This eyeshadow palette from MakeupRush will make your look because the nude shades are the perfect colours for day and night. It can stay 24/7 in a natural look. Plus! It is inspired by Disney’s Alice in Wonderland!

Are you looking for more quality makeup and beauty essentials?

Check out MakeupRush for a wide selection of high-quality makeup trends. Stay safe, stay at home. They’re here to deliver your beauty needs straight to your doorstep!

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