Chasing the sun with K Bella Swimwear

Born and raised at the Black Sea beaches of the resort town of Sochi on the Russian Riviera, Katya Shay has an obsession with the beach culture that coincides with her love for fashion. After traveling around Asia for a couple of years as a fashion model, Katya Shay finally settled down in Singapore and started her own line of swimwear, a culmination of her journey and life experiences.

Here are a couple of reasons why you should check her new collection out now:

It’s simply gorgeous!

It’s pretty simple to see whether a swimwear is fashionable or not, just look at their duotone styles. Above is a succinct blend of purple with grey, bringing out a subtle sophistication from within.

luxurious Italian Lycra® blend fabrics

Not only does it look great, it feels really comfortable to wear, due to the premium material being used to craft out these swimwear. Italian Lycra® blend fabrics are formulated with a technology that promises a more comfortable and durable swimwear, perfectly fused with beautiful designs.

A balanced variety

Sometimes, it’s really all about the right swimwear for the right occasion. With designs that stands out for different occasions available, K Bella Swimwear is a brand which will fulfill every beach occasion you might come across. Here are a couple of designs which we find to be gorgeous!

Whether do you stay in a tropical country like Singapore, or a temperate country, these luxurious swimwear pieces can go into your wardrobe to prepare for the occasional seaside outing, and with some creativity, it can be paired with your everyday wear.

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