A nice, little surprise for you from Shopbop!

The first thing that came to my mind when April took over March was end of first quarter sales! Now there are a lot ofΒ places online to check out, however, the most outstanding one is, and always will be, Shopbop. If you are late to the party, basically shopbop organises a major sales promotion every quarter end. It’s major for a good reason, check out these top picks below!

Rainbow Purse (by WaiWai)

More than just a lucky rainbow, this sweet little purse is sure to bring a smile to everyone around you, at the same time, stay classy. It goes well with a simple white dress, heck, it even goes well with jeans and t-shirts. Use it for both casual and semi-formal occasions, you will be surprised how simple is it for others to start a conversation with you.

Fluffy Pink Wedges (by Trademark)

Doesn’t these wedges remind you of the ballet classes you took when younger? Now it comes with additional white fluffy feathers that makes this way cooler than how we remembered it. Well, these shoes are definitely worth putting on if you are planning on going to a party, for fun and adventurous is how you will be remembered!

There are a lot more brands to check out during this sale, so go ahead and enjoy it over at:

Shopbop – end of quarter sales

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