7 cooking basic techniques you should know right now

Even if you’re not a master chef in the kitchen or don’t cook that much, there are certain skills that you should pick up. It’s going to make your life a whole lot easier when you know what you’re doing in the kitchen. However, with so many cooking skills to choose from, it can be tough to learn the essentials. Well, that’s why we’re here to help!

Down below, we’re going to go through the top cooking skills that you absolutely must know. When you have time, start learning how to do these things and your life in the kitchen is going to be a whole lot more enjoyable.

1. How to Chop an Onion

First off, we have an item that many people don’t know how to properly do. Cutting an onion is something that you’ve probably done at least once in your life, but you most likely didn’t do it right. However, you should definitely learn how to, seeing that onions are a major ingredient in most dishes. There are many different ways to chop an onion, depending on what you want. You can cut them so the onion is diced or so that you come out with circular onions. Take the time to research how to cut an onion based on what you’re looking for.

2. How to Properly Handle a Knife

Now that you’ve mastered cutting an onion, you should take the time to learn how to properly handle a knife and cut in various ways. There are plenty of ways that you can cut items and some knives, like those from http://www.cutitfine.com/chicago-cutlery-insignia-set/, are better than others. Plus, there’s the whole skill of keeping your knife sharp that you should learn.

3. How to Boil an Egg

Boiling an egg is one of those things that you think would be super easy, but there’s definitely a science to doing it right. It’s best to start with your eggs at room temperature so that you don’t undercook them, so lay them out for an hour or two before you aim to boil them. If you want a soft-boiled egg, then boil your water and put the egg in there for 3-5 minutes. If you want a hard-boiled egg, then go for 7-10 minutes. Plunge them into cold water right after to keep it from overcooking.

4. How to Cook Pasta

Cooking pasta properly is one of those skills that you’ve just got to learn if you want to actually have edible dinners. If you want to get pasta that’s firm, but still a bit soft as the Italians do it, then follow these directions. Fill a pan with water that’s double the amount of pasta to cover it. Add salt and bring it to a boil. Add the pasta and boil for around 10-12 minutes and taste around that time to see if it’s done.

5. How to Poach an Egg

Along with boiling an egg, poaching an egg is another super important skill that you’ve got to learn. There are plenty of ways to poach an egg, so be sure to do your research and you’ll find the best way for you to do it.

6. How to Bake a Potato

Baked potatoes are pretty nutritious for you, especially if you go with sweet potatoes. That’s why you should definitely learn how to bake one. And it’s pretty easy! You just rub the outside of the potato with olive oil, salt, pepper, and whatever other spices you would like. Then pop it into the microwave until it’s soft and ready to be cut open and filled with all kinds of good stuff!

7. How to Make an Omelet

An omelet is one of those breakfast items that you probably always want to make, but can’t seem to figure out the best way to do it. However, all of you’ve got to do is beat your eggs thoroughly, add them onto a medium-high hot pan with your toppings, and flip when things are starting to cook!

All of these skills are super important for anyone to learn if they’re going to be cooking in the kitchen. Make sure to learn these at the earliest convenient time for you and your kitchen life is going to be a whole lot easier.

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