5 simple tips to get started as a fashion blogger

Nowadays, there are lots of bloggers out there, especially in the fashion niche. So how does one stand out from all the noise and become a digital fashionista? Read on below for the simple tips to get started!

1. Choose Your Niche

Although fashion is a topic in itself, you need a specific area to specialize in. How broad should you go? When you are at the onset of things, the smaller you are able to make your niche, the better. Makeup, handbags, shoes, hats or thrifting are all small enough to start with.

That being said, there is so much on the subject of fashion that you could write on a single topic for years. Fortunately that is not something you have to do. Plan to commence with a small niche like that, and as time goes by and your blog evolves, you can alter your perspective.

2. Photos, Photos and More Photos

How well are you able to verbally describe fashion? Regardless of how articulate you are, describing something which is inherently visual is very difficult. It is important to learn the basics of taking a great photo, as well as at least a bit of photo editing. Original and good pictures are a key component to making a blog look professional.

Of course you can opt for images that are copyright free, however it can be very difficult to find precisely what you need. It will be highly beneficial to invest in learning how to properly photograph, or make a good friend that is a photographer. This alongside the purchase of likes from Vibbi or another brand will make your profile look unique and also popular.

3. Make it Reader Centric

Look over this post, how many times have I brought myself up? Other than in that last sentence, not once. This is because it is not a post on the subject of me, it is all about the reader, you. A blog that is reader centric, such as this one from Dainty Hooligan, is not only directed to all readers, it is also on the subject of what they want to read.

Dainty HooliganΒ΄s audience is made up mainly of young women, most of which are in either high school or college. This is exactly what this blog reflects and styles. The focus of articles are on that subject, with topics such as school style, wearable makeup tips, summer fun and on occasion appropriate work style. Be careful when you pick your topics, always stick to your niche and remember: the focus here should be about the reader, always take their point of view into consideration before you write.

4. Get the Backing of Some Brands

A great indicator of how you are doing is with brand partnerships. They provide your blog with great credibility, they can also provide you with access to trends and information that other bloggers may not have. That being said, it takes time to work your way up to paid blogs. The first thing you most definitely will not be pitching is Vogue. It is best to reach out top brands that are smaller, perhaps even local sellers.

A wonderful place to look into small names and become familiar with the process is Esty. You will become accustomed to pitching ideas as well as learning to working with people, you will also learn how to readily accept criticism. As you become familiar with the business aspect of things and start developing your own online presence, you will be able to gradually work your way up to brands that are well known and start to negotiate prices. This is not something you should force, it is something that first requires you efforts and you can expect a payoff later down the line.

5. Multitask: Use Every Medium

Do not depend only on your blog to become noticed. You want to use every avenue possible, especially when it comes to social media. The person who runs The Blonde Salad; Chiara Ferragni is the perfect example of how powerful social media is. She has accumulated over four million followers from all parts of the world.

Due to her blog’s focus, which is fashion she is now able to put out her looks and have them established without having to only depend on her blog. She has become noticed by some big names thanks to those three million something followers, she is now moving forward with modelling jobs and brand partnerships.

Product reviews and makeup tutorials are easy to do on YouTube, and with Facebook you are able to network more freely than you would on other sites. By keeping all of your avenues updated, you will increase your readership and become noticed.

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