“Sorry, can’t make it.”

Don’t you find it super irritating when you personally invite someone and confirm they will be attending, then when you follow up, once again they say “yes yes” and end up NOT showing up? I mean, you can just say you can’t make it, I’m fine with that, but com’on don’t give me this bullshit.

The worst part, once again I’m doing my invites and of course, this time I didn’t bother to invite the same person, they go “oh so what’s happening?” when they could just read it themselves. I mean, what am I? Your reader? Are you gonna pay me to read it to you? I have a decent command of English and I can decently pronounce words to. Plus, I know a bun is kinda a bread, see the genius within me? So yeah, if you need me to read to you, it’s SGD200 an hour. I know it’s a bit expensive, but hey, I go on a slightly more premium rate. Oh yes, this is non-meetup applicable – meaning, Skype call and I read to you. Terms and conditions do apply, corporate and PG only.

Yes yes, you people are so damn busy with your business, and I’m like what? Too free? (This is a slight contradiction here, since I JUST posted on Facebook I was bored, IKR boohoo.) Com’on, mutual respect here?

Honestly, I’d rather bore to death and read more articles (even start blogging) than waste my time with such people. If you don’t want me to waste your time, don’t waste mine. I’m not some teenage kid here to play house with you people. I’m here to do business. I believed (past-tense, intentional) it’s the same for you.

I never liked small talk so yeah, sorry not interested. If you’re looking to broadening your social life, here’s some apps you can consider: OkCupid, Tinder… okay people, self-name please. I know these are dating apps (somewhat), but you do also know that you can make friends right? Plus, it’s all about the small talk ain’t it? Oh yes, Meetup works too, I mean you can use it for business and what-not but hey, there’s social there as well.

I feel I should name plug Wander, cause it’s no longer just an app to travel for singles, but with chatrooms and activities going on. Okay this part is completely out of my ranting, suddenly inspiration to name plug cause I remembered the party last night, it was causal and all BUT totally LOVED the chocolate cake and I could hang out a bit with Mel and Karen, and caught moments with Krystal (the CHIO CEO that I’ve been talking about here and there – I just love pretty everything/people). Plus, I think my baby got to social a little and had some fun playing table tennis! #justsaying

My point, really, we’re not friends. I don’t have to tell you shit, and I already know you won’t do shit about nothing. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to type “sorry, can’t make it.”

… and there goes my respect.

Don’t bother, it’s hard to earn back. I’m not worth your effort… or maybe I am. Who knows right?

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